A great day.

Obligatory sentence whinging about how I never use the blog and I wish I did and I wish I were a famous blogger blah blah blah.


Yesterday (May 6 2015) was a great day in my life. Really one for the books. Since I have a pretty poor memory I should write it down so that I can remember this great day in the future!

Jacob had volunteered to take my car into the shop for some maintenance while I was at work. He woke up, drove me to work and dropped me off so that he could take the car. This means I actually got to see/interact with him in the morning, which I usually don’t because he wakes up after I leave! Then I got to see him again when he came to return the car! Amazing! Furthermore, I could truly tell that the car was driving better 🙂

For lunch, I ate ridiculously delicious tacos from my very favorite restaurant which is right downstairs from our office and I am a regular there.

After work it was time for a Seraphic Fire concert which is usually a very stressful time for me because I have to corral patrons to their seats. Almost always there is someone who is unhappy or grumpy and I have to deal with their needs. Last night there were no such issues. Everyone was thrilled to be there and was happy with their seats. In addition, two ladies brought me a bouquet of flowers as a gesture of thanks for a very simple and not flower-worthy gesture I had done for them regarding upgrading their seats. It was delightful.

The music of the evening was a Vespers by Philly-based composer Kile Smith, who has come down to be in attendance at the concerts and gave a delightful speech to start the show. He is such a nice guy. The work is written for MANY obscure renaissance instruments, all of which were present on stage and were fascinating to see!!

The music was… exquisite. Everyone in that church felt the spirit. They were raving. I feel so happy for Kile in his success. Perfect, lovely, as far as I could tell there were no problems with the evening. I was surprised to see that two of my lovely friends showed up: Carmen, a sweet and loving and quite elderly Cuban lady and her son Augie. This is the first time I had seen them at a concert so I was delighted. After breakdown, I left the church with my flowers in a perfect mood.

Then I went home and spent time with my boyfriend and my cat, both of whom I love very much. And we ordered PIZZA!!! mmm.

Furthermore I had a very fun conversation with a potential new friend who lives nearby; she said she loves to sing and we talked about Disney, Harry Potter, etc.

All in all 9/10 great day

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