I just finished my first “three-peat” at St. Peters! This is when you sing at all three Sunday morning masses in a row. This week I had the most music I have had so far because Jacquelyn, our lead soloist, is going to China very soon and then back to New York for school after that. I think that means I will be the lead soloist now! At least until she comes back for Christmas.

Every week I am reminded of how lucky I am to have this job. It is great to be singing so often! Jacquelyn and Mark say that I have such a great voice and that means the world to me. I still hate the way I sound on recordings, but singing with Jacquelyn has definitely helped me improve and the stuff I sing for church is great practice. I imagine that I will grow leaps and bounds in the years to come.

Jacquelyn was singing solos at weddings and funerals this summer. I guess now that she’s gone I will be singing those solos… Wow, it’s kind of scary. But I will make monayyyy

Today I was worried that my voice would get tired and I would sound like crap by the third mass, but that didn’t happen 🙂 Everything went pretty well except for the time I dropped my entire binder during our Mozart duet and paper went everywhere. I recovered relatively quickly and nobody down in the church noticed. So that was cool.

Right now I am nervous about that funeral thing because I was given a packet of music last month to have learned and on hand for funerals, but of course I lost it. I really hope it shows up… Could be in my black hole of a car. I would hate to have to ask for another copy :/ Why can’t I just learn to be organized!