A great day.

Obligatory sentence whinging about how I never use the blog and I wish I did and I wish I were a famous blogger blah blah blah.


Yesterday (May 6 2015) was a great day in my life. Really one for the books. Since I have a pretty poor memory I should write it down so that I can remember this great day in the future!

Jacob had volunteered to take my car into the shop for some maintenance while I was at work. He woke up, drove me to work and dropped me off so that he could take the car. This means I actually got to see/interact with him in the morning, which I usually don’t because he wakes up after I leave! Then I got to see him again when he came to return the car! Amazing! Furthermore, I could truly tell that the car was driving better 🙂

For lunch, I ate ridiculously delicious tacos from my very favorite restaurant which is right downstairs from our office and I am a regular there.

After work it was time for a Seraphic Fire concert which is usually a very stressful time for me because I have to corral patrons to their seats. Almost always there is someone who is unhappy or grumpy and I have to deal with their needs. Last night there were no such issues. Everyone was thrilled to be there and was happy with their seats. In addition, two ladies brought me a bouquet of flowers as a gesture of thanks for a very simple and not flower-worthy gesture I had done for them regarding upgrading their seats. It was delightful.

The music of the evening was a Vespers by Philly-based composer Kile Smith, who has come down to be in attendance at the concerts and gave a delightful speech to start the show. He is such a nice guy. The work is written for MANY obscure renaissance instruments, all of which were present on stage and were fascinating to see!!

The music was… exquisite. Everyone in that church felt the spirit. They were raving. I feel so happy for Kile in his success. Perfect, lovely, as far as I could tell there were no problems with the evening. I was surprised to see that two of my lovely friends showed up: Carmen, a sweet and loving and quite elderly Cuban lady and her son Augie. This is the first time I had seen them at a concert so I was delighted. After breakdown, I left the church with my flowers in a perfect mood.

Then I went home and spent time with my boyfriend and my cat, both of whom I love very much. And we ordered PIZZA!!! mmm.

Furthermore I had a very fun conversation with a potential new friend who lives nearby; she said she loves to sing and we talked about Disney, Harry Potter, etc.

All in all 9/10 great day


I just finished my first “three-peat” at St. Peters! This is when you sing at all three Sunday morning masses in a row. This week I had the most music I have had so far because Jacquelyn, our lead soloist, is going to China very soon and then back to New York for school after that. I think that means I will be the lead soloist now! At least until she comes back for Christmas.

Every week I am reminded of how lucky I am to have this job. It is great to be singing so often! Jacquelyn and Mark say that I have such a great voice and that means the world to me. I still hate the way I sound on recordings, but singing with Jacquelyn has definitely helped me improve and the stuff I sing for church is great practice. I imagine that I will grow leaps and bounds in the years to come.

Jacquelyn was singing solos at weddings and funerals this summer. I guess now that she’s gone I will be singing those solos… Wow, it’s kind of scary. But I will make monayyyy

Today I was worried that my voice would get tired and I would sound like crap by the third mass, but that didn’t happen 🙂 Everything went pretty well except for the time I dropped my entire binder during our Mozart duet and paper went everywhere. I recovered relatively quickly and nobody down in the church noticed. So that was cool.

Right now I am nervous about that funeral thing because I was given a packet of music last month to have learned and on hand for funerals, but of course I lost it. I really hope it shows up… Could be in my black hole of a car. I would hate to have to ask for another copy :/ Why can’t I just learn to be organized!

Better things to do with my time

Since it’s summer, I have been watching a lot of Family Guy and random documentaries. Even though documentaries are pretty good, I have lots of better stuff I could be doing with my time

  1. Reading books. I have a hard copy of the entire Sherlock Holmes collection as well as digital copies of lots of literary classics
  2. Practicing German. I started a Duolingo account a couple weeks ago and started learning German but lost interest a bit…
  3. Writing music. I’m a Music Composition major for god’s sake.
  4. Exercising oh wait hell no jk

Tonight I might watch another Family Guy… no…. I really should go on Duolingo. LORD GIVE ME STRENGTH


Ok so I have a legit phobia of bug guts (can NOT squish a bug with bare hands, can barely pick up bug remains with three tissues) and also a phobia of cockroaches/palmetto bugs. Just a little while ago there was a roach in the room… I grabbed shoe and tried to approach it, but it crawled up the wall and flew off twice. That is game set match for me. I cannot deal with them when they fly or jump. I let out a pretty brutal scream each time, because as I mentioned, I have a phobia.

Jacob got pretty pissed. Ok, I can see where screams would be annoying. But then he attempted to berate me and lecture me about how my feat of roaches is so ridiculously stupid and he cannot understand why in the world I would act like that around them.

He tried to explain that they are so small, the worst they could do is crawl on me (ooh, scary) and that I could kill them with the smallest effort. Gee thanks, Einstein, I did not realize those facts.

Duh of course I knew that. The thing about a phobia is that it is an irrational fear. I have known my whole life that I can easily overpower a cockroach. No amount of lecturing or criticizing my actions will make this go away. Even thinking about a roach leaping/flying makes me cringe.

Maybe instead if the shoe crushing method, I should go back to what I did last year, always have bug catching gear on hand. A cup and some sort of stiff paper with which to catch it and flush it down the toilet. How I managed to get close enough to them to trap them is a mystery to me.

Gosh Jacob just made me feel so bad though with all the things he said. He acted like I was a complete retard and that if he scolded me enough he could make me brave. But it just made me feel like crap. Like crap and also still afraid of bugs.

Employment History

Below follows a brief summary of my recent jobs.

When I got to Columbia for my second year of college I was lucky to find a job at a local independent coffee shop that was just opening up. I started in September. It was really nice, I enjoyed making coffee drinks and everyone told me a had a knack for it. It was really nice to hear that because I feel like I’m not good at many things.

Unfortunately, the coffee shop closed in March. I was on spring break when I found out. The decision to close was made in, probably, a matter of hours. We had a meeting scheduled for Sunday but the decision was made to close on like… Friday. I think Saturday was the last day open. As sad as this was, I don’t think any of the employees were too surprised. The shop was started by a man who had never opened a business before, and I think he just bit off a little more than he could chew. The coffee shop was in one of the most expensive areas of the city, and the rent was astronomical. I really miss that place.

When I came back from spring break I had no job. I took March off to focus on school because as any music student knows, March is freaking crazy. I was going to have to ask off so much time anyway. I have been calling March “fine arts month” for years now, it has been true in high school and college. I wonder why all the fine arts competitions and concerts seem to be in March!

When April was approaching I made my rounds handing out applications. One place I applied had a help wanted add on Craigslist, it was called Tio’s and it is a Tex Mex restaurant that is right next to campus and stays open really late. Clearly caters to students. I had never waited tables before, and I unfortunately was not very quick to catch on. However, in Cinco de Mayo (quite a big day for Tio’s), I did great! I felt really proud of myself. The job itself was pretty stressful but it paid more than I had made at the coffee shop.

By May 8th, I was fired. May 7th was a Monday and it was one of the first days I worked a lot with one of the owners named Jamie. I made a lot of mistakes that day and the next, but honestly they were not mistakes that were too bad. Stuff like giving out too many straws or ringing up drinks as to go because they were in to go cups even though the people drinking them were dining in. There were also these punch cards that had to be dealt with by a manager and one of the managers keyed mine in wrong making the totals incorrect, and since I had already made mistakes the heat for that fell onto me.

It sucked to get fired. Anyone who has been fired knows what I’m talking about. It means someone disliked your work so much that the immediately told you to get out and never come back. It really hurts to think about Tio’s. Sigh. I miss the money but I do not really miss the job.

Miraculously, the very same day I got fired from Tio’s was the day that the director at St. Peter’s reached out to me and had me audition to be a choral scholar. Thank goodness that went well. It really eased the pain of losing my job, and it is extremely evident that being a choral scholar is much more suitable to my skills than being a waitress.

Now, in addition to singing at the church, I am working for Sability, Inc. This is a company my mom’s boyfriend started 20 years ago. It is a software consulting company. I don’t deal with any of the software or clients, I just write emails and build websites. It pays a good hourly wage, but the work comes and goes. Sometimes I do 30 hours a week, sometimes 5 or less. I have been working for Sability on and off every summer since 2008 or so, but now I think I will be able to continue year-round. I would be perfectly happy to work for Sability full time after college. We will see where that goes.

Don’t ever get fired, it sucks for your self esteem.

About me

Why am I blogging? I don’t know. Starting a new blog is the 21st century version of buying a new journal. We all used to do it as kids: we would see a beautiful little journal in the bookstore and it called to us, begging to be filled with words. I have caused the demise of many potentially useful journals, filling them with silly pre-teen thoughts before stowing them away in a cabinet, only to be rediscovered years later and mourned over.

The good thing about blogging instead of journaling is that blogging is free, and it does not require the lives of any trees! I have probably started (and then abandoned) anywhere from five to ten blogs in my online lifetime. Here is another one. I am doing this because I am bored, and also because it is possible that I may have some interesting things to say. Just in case I do, I want to be able to write them in a place where people can stumble upon them JUST IN CASE THEY ARE BRILLIANT lol

  • I am 20 years old right now
  • Studying Music Composition but since I got to college I have lost my inspiration, I am hoping that comes back like SOON
  • I really love singing, I am studying voice as my instrument and singing at St. Peter’s in the choir as a choral scholar. I will get solos soon and I am so excited!
  • My boyfriend is named Jacob and he is da bomb. He is a cook at a Japanese restaurant and loves it! (He is not Japanese, however)
  • My favorite movie is Hercules and my favorite music is Hercules and omg Hercules I could cry
  • I want to be Alan Menken when I grow up
  • I quite fancy The Beatles
  • No one will read this lol idc