The Olympics

I know this post is coming a little late, about eight and a half hours before the closing ceremonies of the XXX Olympiad began, but I’d just like to say: I really love the Olympics.

Summer, Winter, Para, Special, I’ll watch it all! I really loved the London Games this year. I’ll admit I thought the Beijing games were better in almost every aspect, but not by much. It was amazing to watch Michael Phelps blast away the record for most medals ever won by an Olympic athlete! It was fun to laugh at Ryan Lochte’s stupid quips and his ridiculous sapphire, diamond, and ruby grill. It was stunning to see McKayla Maroney’s vaults, tearjerking to see the displays of sportsmanship that occurred among these international athletes.

And of course it’s rather nice to see USA get like a bajillion medals and “win the Olympics”.

A couple of my surprise favorites from these games were:

  • Weightlifting: I first decided to watch weightlifting when I heard about Team USA lifter Sarah Robles. She posted on reddit and has a great blog. She was in the final weight class which didn’t lift until a week into the games. For the first week I would watch other weight classes in both men’s and women’s weightlifting. It was awesome! Sarah Robles ended up coming in 7th in the weight class, which is so awesome for an American! We are not at all dominant in that sport. She will go far in Rio.
  • Archery: I watched less of this than weightlifting and did not have a specific favorite to watch. Again, we are not dominant in this sport. But, we did get men’s team silver! I did enjoy watching Archery whenever it was on.
  • Usain Bolt: I already knew Bolt was a great runner, but I was worried that he might be a cocky asshole like Ryan Lochte. Not so! Bolt is a great philanthropist and has a wonderful sense of humor and sportsmanship. I love this guy!
  • Oscar Pistorius: Up until I watched an NBC biospot about Oscar, all he was to me was the┬ácontroversial paralympic┬árunner. After watching the biospot, though, I learned that he is a really great, nice, smart guy and genuinely a talented sprinter regardless of his physical differences. I was cheering for him in the track and field events, even though I was worried about the controversies that would arise if he won a medal. Well, he didn’t make it to the semifinal of the 400m, and South Africa came in like last place in the 4×400. Crisis averted. However, his bib-exchanging with James was one of the most touching things I’ve seen and I think it really showed what the Olympics is all about.
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics: ok, so this isn’t a surprise really because I’ve always been a fan of rhythmic gymnastics, another sport in which America is not dominant (we didn’t even have a team; we sent one individual competitor but I didn’t even see her!). However, rhythmic gymnastics came on while Jacob and I were entertaining friends, and everyone really liked it! We muted the TV and put on dubstep… Let me tell you, it looked really cool to dubstep. The surprise for me with rhythmic gymnastics this year was that I was able to enjoy it with friends. Usually I am watching the Olympics all alone, as no one seems to be as interested as I am ­čśŽ

I sure do hope they stream the Paralympics online. I will watch as much as I can when I’m not in school! 15 days until the Para games and 543 days until the Winter games in Sochi!!

To end, here is a pic of me holding one of the torches from the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.