Laptop update

I called the computer shop and learned a couple of facts that were not surprising, but sad nonetheless.

One is that my Apple warranty wouldn’t cover screen cracks anyway. Warranties are not for breaks you make yourself. Also, if I wanted to fix it anyway, I would have to do so by replacing the ENTIRE TOP HALF of the computer. I guess that’s a side effect of them being so thin.

So now I am faced with a decision, should I live with this badly cracked screen, or spend money to better my situation? Honesty, for the price it would cost to restore my MacBook Air, I would rather just get a whole used MacBook Pro. One of which my roommate has and would be willing to sell to me…

But in reality I don’t have a few hundred dollars to spend on anything, so there’s that.


Ok so I know it has only been two or three weeks since I started exercising and attempting to eat better, but I already feel like I can see small changes! I am still sticking by my promise to NOT weigh or photograph myself for at least a month. I will just have to be content with the changes that I think I am seeing ūüôā Of course they could all be in my mind, ¬†but regardless of if they are real or not I am grateful that I am imagining¬†good changes in my body rather than¬†bad ones as I am so used to seeing.

More Rant

In addition to my normal woes of the week, this weekend is particularly woeful because I have to go out of town for my grandmother’s birthday. That is not the sad part, but the fact that I will miss so many things while I’m gone really sucks. I will already miss going to the gym for three days, so fuck that. I will only get to go twice this week. Well MAYBE twice! Who knows, tomorrow I might have to choose to skip it again because I have too much work to do. People use “I don’t have enough time” as an excuse not to exercise, but right now I¬†really don’t have enough time and it is making me so angry!

It seems that every awesome concert or recital in the world is happening on this weekend, the ONE weekend I have planned to be away:

  • Mark Husey’s organ recital at the church, he will have pieces that include string quartet and clarinet and there will be a reception afterwards. omg I would kill to go.
  • There is a concert that will be performed by our voice faculty that includes several Handel arias and other great stuff, IDK because I CAN’T GO ANYWAY
  • Just learned today about a concert of Baroque music that will be performed on period instruments and have BAROQUE DANCERS what is that even I want to die
  • One of our piano professors and his colleague are performing all 10 Beethoven violin sonatas in order over the course of three days… the three days I will be away

To compare, here is a list of the recitals that I want to see in September on the weekends that I will be in town:

Time Management

A bit of a rant coming here:

It is only the second week of school and already I feel overwhelmed. I feel like I am being given so much work that it would require 32 hour days to complete it all. I have fallen completely and utterly behind on Sability work (luckily they just hired a new lady to do 90% of my duties, but I am still not able to complete that measly 10 percent) and church music. Perhaps the things that will suffer the most are composition (unfortunately no surprise there) and my new love, going to the gym.

Composition is my major, but I find it very hard to work into my life. This semester I am supposed to have new material once a week. This is hard to do for two reasons. 1) Producing new material to show to your teacher is so indimidating! 2) Every day that I want to work on composition, there are about 10 assignments due the next day, and since I have a week to do comp, it keeps getting pushed back more and more. I get home and I’m like well, better do homework. Oh look at the time, better run to rehearsal. Get home, damn it’s getting late better get ready for bed. An hour or two later I fall asleep from exhaustion. Then I have to wake up and either get on a Sability call or go straight to a thousand classes.

I hate school sometimes (read: all the time).

I won’t be able to go to the gym much either. I feel like I really like going because it is the only time blocked out on my schedule that is beneficial for my health AND also not mentally challenging. Everything else I have to do requires thought and work. They gym is like a break. Today I couldn’t go to the gym because I had so much work to do in the three hours between school and church choir.

And guess what, I haven’t been able to do a bit of composition in those three hours.

I suppose I could try and do some right now, but I have the hiccups which REALLY FUCKING PISS ME OFF and I’m already in a horrible mood.