Pablo Picasso

Ok, I just find this so hilarious I have to share it….

A few minutes ago Jacob and I were talking about Hitler and I said how I thought that if he had become a truly successful artist he probably wouldn’t have gone into politics and thus the Holocaust would never have happened.

Jacob replied, “But he was a good artist!”

I said, “Yeah sure he was a much better painter than most people on the street but he could not have measured up to his contemporaries like…” I thought back to Art History class. “Dalí, Picasso…”

“Picasso!” Jacob interjected. “Picasso wasn’t active then!”

“Yeah, he was active in like… the 20’s and 30’s!” I insisted.

“Nuh uh!”

“Yeah Picasso died in like the 1970’s!”

“No way. That’s not true,” Jacob replied.

I quickly google’d Picasso and confirmed his year of death as 1973. “Babe, what time did you think Picasso was active?”

Jacob didn’t really have any idea. “I don’t know, like the 1700’s.”

I couldn’t believe how absurd that guess was. “Just picture a Picasso painting right? That’s not 1700’s, they weren’t doing that shit back then, that’s some modernist shit with eyes everywhere and crazy lines!”

For visual comparison, here is a painting from “like, the 1700’s”. It is a portrait of King George III done in 1762 by Allan Ramsay

Here is Picasso’s portrait of Dora Maar, 1937

So yes, I can see where someone who has not taken an art history class or ever googled Pablo Picasso would not know his active years, but this is CLEARLY not Classical art 😛 This is Cubism!