Children for Same-Sex Couples

Recently, it was National Coming Out day, a day for raising awareness for the acceptance of LGBT people by our community. Today, my family and I were talking about what it could feel like to have a gay child.

My mom said it would be weird… you could not go visit that child and his/her spouse and their kids… because any kids they had would not be 100% their own! The most a gay couple can do is use one parents’ DNA and combine in with a donor’s. But really, with medical technology progressing the way it is, will this be true for much longer?

There are constantly being tests being done by scientist to learn more about how we can control life, whether with cloning, stem cells, or growing new organs for patients who need a transplant. It could definitely possible to have a same-sex couple have their own genetic children. It would be difficult and expensive, and it would require egg extraction, but it could be done. Perhaps not now, but I would bet within 20 years.

The ovum, or “egg”, from a female human is about 20 times the size of a human sperm. This is because the sperm is essentially just a swimming nucleus of DNA. The ovum, however, has cytoplasm, mitochondria, and all that other cell stuff. These other components of the cell are what are able to replicate to create every functioning cell in the human body.

Of course, the main difference between an ovum and any other human cell is that an ovum only has half of a full set of chromosomes; it needs to be met with a sperm which has the other half in order to form a full set of human DNA and begin to replicate. The nuclei of the ovum and of the sperm, I believe, are essentially the same. It is the rest of the cell that makes the difference.

So, what do you need to make a new baby? You need an ovum and half a nucleus from each parent.

Theoretically, for a gay male couple to have a biological child, you could take an egg from a donor, extract the nucleus from the ovum, and insert the nuclei from the two fathers. As long as at least one of the two nuclei contained an X chromosome, the egg could then be implanted into a surrogate mother, and grow into a baby!

For two women, you would take an egg from each, and transplant the nucleus from into the other. Then the two nuclei would combine inside the one ovum. Of course, by this method, a lesbian couple could only give birth to a daughter, since the mothers’ nuclei would only be X chromosomes sets.

How far fetched is this? I think some procedure like this may have successfully been done already. If I made a habit of reading up on scientific journals, perhaps I would know. I know that this procedure IS expensive and difficult and does not have a high success rate. However, as technology improves, it will definitely get easier!

Gay Marriage Debate

This week, I joined the group B.G.L.S.A. at my school. This stands for Bisexual Gay Lesbian Straight Alliance. It is basically a gay rights advocacy group. I am so happy to be a part of it! Through the group I learned that there will be a debate about gay marriage rights at our student union in a few weeks.

I definitely plan to attend this debate. I have never witnessed a debate on this topic. However, I can’t imagine that it will go very well. I can only imagine one basic argument that each side will make.

Before I list those arguments, let me name the sides here: one is us, the Allies. The people who want everyone in our nation to have basic human rights and think gay marriage should be legal YESTERDAY. Then there are the homophobes. Yes, I want to use the most derogatory word possible to describe these people who are bringing oppression to a group that they don’t particularly like. I swear, homophobes are #2 on my hate list after pedophiles. They just infuriate me with their ignorance.

Anyway, what can each of the sides use as their argument? I feel like the allies will say “it is common sense that everyone should have basic human rights”. Ok, yes, clearly. Done. I imagine the homophobes will say “It’s not in the Bible” or some of that shit. You’re right, it’s not. But since when do the contents of the Bible dictate the laws for our country? Never. Argument over.

If it’s so mind-numbingly simple, why the fuck do we not have gay marriage yet? I do not understand.

Maybe the homophobes will say that it is a choice to be gay. Well, first of all, it isn’t. There is science to back that up, research has been done on gay people to determine what physically in their brain causes their orientation. Also, fucking common sense. No one would CHOOSE to be in a group of people that is blatantly discriminated against across the world and is not even allowed basic rights in our country. No one would choose that life. It is not a choice.

Maybe the homophobes will say that they are afraid children who see happy gay couples walking down the street will then themselves choose to be gay. This is why we must stamp out homosexuality. Again, no. It is not a choice. A person cannot choose to be gay no more than they can choose to be short or tall.

This reminds me of a short anecdote: when my sister was little, she had this very very best friend named Lisa. They were nearly the same age and our families were neighbors so they spent every moment of every day together. You know what my three year old sister told my mom one day? “I love Lisa so much, I’m going to marry her!”

Now was my mother appalled at this? Did she think her three-year-old daughter had been influenced by the media to turn into a lesbian? Absolutely fucking not. My sister and I were taught that a marriage was a union between two adults who love each other. This, I strongly believe, should be the official definition of marriage around the world. My sister thought, oh, I love my friend, therefore I will marry her when we are adults. Flawless three year old logic. Of course, a dozen years later she was well established in her man-loving heterosexual ways.

I think (and this is just a guess) that homophobes’ main argument against gay marriage is that the Bible says it is wrong. My boyfriend likes to use the “traditional marriage” argument against this point, that is, picking other mentions of marriage from the Bible that include polygamy, rape, and concubines and stating that while the Bible does condemn gay marriage, it also allows for/encourages all these other crazy marriage arrangements that we do not accept today. He says that Christians cannot cherry pick which type of marriage they think is best and condemn all other forms.

While I agree with him, this is not the way I like to come back to the “it’s not in the Bible” argument. To this point I would say, so what? Just because it is written in a book that you like does not mean one can use that opinion to control the lives of everyone else around you. Not everyone agrees with that very antiquated view of the world.

What if I decided that in my religion it was blasphemous to have red hair? Would that mean that I could oppress all the redheads in the country and not let them get married? Obviously not. So why do homophobes think it is ok for them to do that with gay people???

I think what it really boils down to is that homophobes really just think gay sex is gross. Ok! That’s fine! Have your own opinion! You know, when I first learned about gay sex as a kid, I was grossed out too. But you know what happened next? I grew the fuck up. I’m sorry you homophobes haven’t matured. And anyway, even if you still think gay sex is all icky cooties, this is just another opinion. And opinions don’t give you the grounds to discriminate against people!

I had better stop writing, I am getting too angry.

Fuck homophobes, peace out.