Why SARS Coronavirus 2 is fucking us up so much

I have recently watched the films Outbreak (1995) and Contagion (2011) and am comparing our virus to the fictional viruses of those films. One thing I notice about SCV2 is that it’s not as “violent” as the viruses in the films. The fictional viruses kill their hosts incredibly quickly, within a couple of days. SCV2 is slow. Below is a brain dump of the features of SCV2 that are making it so pandemic-y.

  • Insanely infectious
    • This week, the CDC is recommending that everyone wear a mask (or face covering, whatever you’ve got) any time you go out because SCV2 can be spread just by BREATHING AND TALKING. This statement has filled me with incredible dread. Perhaps up to 50% of people will get infected.
  • Long incubation period that is also a contagious period
  • Sometimes asymptomatic, which means that people spread it unknowingly
  • Pretty deadly
    • I have no idea what the mortality rate is (I don’t think anyone does), but it hardly matters what that rate is considering HALF OF THE WORLD IS GOING TO GET IT.
  • The illness lasts a long time
    • Not only are there going to be an insane number of patients who need professional medical attention to live through COVID-19, but those people need intervention for one or two weeks each. They put strain on hospital resources in terms of quantity AND time.

As far as daily life…. it is the same. Sleeping during the day, being awake at night, watching a lot of videos and playing a lot of Stardew Valley. Boring. I don’t feel like doing anything or talking to anyone. Jacob is still going to work which scares the shit out of me.