Nothing much to report

Today is my 7th day of committed social distancing. I am fully on Jacob’s sleep schedule, which makes sense, considering we are living together in the same space and I have no other forces acting on my life. So that means I am going to sleep between 3AM and 7 AM and sleeping until 2 PM. Not ideal, I know. In fact I used to hate the fact that Jacob lived these hours. But hey, time doesn’t matter anymore.

So far have been cooking, cleaning, playing a video game, and watching TV/videos/movies. I also spend a couple of hours each day on the phone or video chats. I have a whole list of things I could do or study in mind for when I get bored, but I haven’t been terribly bored the last few days. I acclimated to this lifestyle so quickly. In a way, it is easy for me to live this way because there are no responsibilities. It’s quite nice in that aspect. And, as long as I stay in this house. I don’t have to witness whatever mess is going on in the outside world. I can just imagine that it’s another regular weekend day chilling at home.

My dad continues to invite me over to visit him and his girlfriend at their home. He says, we can just sit outside and play guitars, maintain a distance, you don’t have to come inside. I don’t know if I want to do it… what kind of a visit would that be? To be constantly reminded of our current situation? Oh also, it’s springtime and the pollen would choke me.

I don’t feel like writing in a structured way today. So ends this stream of consciousness.