I support plural/poly marriage!

He-hey! Let’s follow up my last controversial post with another one!

I was pleased to see the following NYT Opinion article this morning: Is Polygamy Next?

I’m glad to see this on the internet because I’ve been thinking about it for the past few years while same-sex marriage was on the table.

I know there are many people in this world who do not like the idea of same-sex marriage because it seems weird, foreign, maybe even icky. I am so lucky that I do not feel this way about same-sex marriage.

At the same time I must admit that I DO have some of these negative concepts about plural marriage. As in: I can’t imagine sharing my partner with another person/people. It seems weird, foreign, and maybe even icky! (Any poly people that read this pleaseeee do not take offense I love you I just need to include this in order to make my point)

BUT I am a rational person and I realize that my opinion on what is weird or not literally does not matter! Other people have different opinions! There are plenty of things that are legal in our country that are outside my comfort zone/are things I would not do. That is ok. It does not change the fact that plural marriage:

  1. takes place between/amongst
  2. consenting
  3. adult
  4. human beings
  5. and doesn’t infringe on the rights of others.

Anything* that fits those criteria is A-OK with me and should be legal in the United States of America! I will support the legalization of plural marriage because everyone in our country should be able to marry whomever makes them happy be that one person or more than one person. I’m so glad same-sex marriage is legal now because it fits those criteria and so does plural marriage.

*I’m sure there are exceptions blah blah you know what I mean

TL;DR If you support same-sex marriage then logically you should also support plural marriage because otherwise that’s cherry-picking 🙂