What I have learned from keeping a food journal, week 1

This is day six of me keeping track of what I’ve eaten. The first four days I was just googling foods and writing down my best calorie guesses on a piece of paper, but last night I found a cool app from about.com called Calorie Count. It not only counts calories, but all other nutrients in your food so you can see if you are lacking in vitamins or going over your sodium, etc.

Let me just say, it is shocking how many calories are in things. I do not know what I ate before on a daily basis, but I’m sure now it was not that good. The good news is, the simple act of keeping track of my food intake has made it so much easier to motivate myself to keep the consumption to a reasonable level.

There are some foods that even though I knew they must be bad, I didn’t realize how bad they were until I started keeping track!

  • Cupcakes: obviously these are no good for you, but a bakery cupcake has almost 600 calories in one!
  • Chicken wings: like 100 calories/wing
  • Powdered donuts: six mini powdered donuts is something like 400 calories
  • Publix fudge brownies: 240 calories in just one of those motherfuckers!

I’m trying to keep my daily intake under 1400 calories. The cupcake day was NOT one of those days! Also, the app has revealed to me that I am stupidly low on all of my vitamins. I should start taking multivitamins every day!

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